Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What exactly IS pee?

So, now that I know I can pee on my phone to charge it up, I'm starting to freak out a bit. I mean, what exactly is it I'm making when I do number 1? Is it dangerous? So, I googled it, and discovered this:

Looking for an encyclopedia of pee? Scientists have laid out the entire chemical composition of human urine, revealing that more than 3,000 compounds are found in the fluid, and have published it all in an online database.

Damn straight, I'm looking for an encyclopedia of pee. I mean, who wouldn't want one of those?

"Urine is an incredibly complex biofluid. We had no idea there could be so many different compounds going into our toilets," said study researcher David Wishart, professor of biology and computing science at the University of Alberta. [Pee Rainbow: From Red to Indigo, What Urine Colors Mean]

Incredibly complex biofluid. Next time someone asks me what I do, that's what I'm going to tell them. I'm a scientist, bitches.

Read more:
What's In Pee? Urine Composition Study Reveals More Than 3,000 Chemical Compounds


  1. Maybe I did not have all 3,000 compounds in my pee and that's why peeing on my phone didn't recharge it. I think I will add nutritional yeast to my diet and see if that helps.