Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be my rat daddy

Wow. So, I've been reading some science shit, and evidently, rat daddies and rat mommies both have hormone surges associated with bonding and nurturing. No way, right? I mean if a RAT DAD can be nurturing, one would think a HUMAN dad could, you know, smell shit and think to change a diaper.

Rat mothers are not the only ones whose brains become sharper, making them more efficient foragers and more courageous and level-headed than females without offspring. Lambert has found that the same is true of fathers’ brains. Fatherhood makes the male California deer mouse smarter, too.

Anyway. Whatever. I gave up on Mr. Urban Daddy years ago. What really interested me about the study was how Kelly Lambert actually studied the rat brains:

[Lambert] anesthetizes the animals, carefully removes their brains, firms the brains up with formalin, freezes them, then shaves them into slices thinner than a strand of human hair to study under a microscope.
Brain slices thinner than a strand of human hair? Gives 'hair brained' a whole new meaning...

Read more: With exposure to babies, rodent dads’ brains, like moms’, become wired for nurture

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  1. So are the rats still being dads when their brains are hair sized? Otherwise how can he study there dad behavior? Annie