Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Proof that there's a place for me in science

Have I told you that I LOVE science?  I love science like I love nutella. I want to spread it all over my body and let Mr. Urban Daddy lick it off. And if you think that's too much information, you clearly don't spend enough time on the interwebs.

That's why I'm here, though I may have to throw in the towel. I've got awards to pursue, SCIENCE awards. I want to see my name up in lights right here, right now: Ig Nobel Prizes

Check this out:

Last year, for instance, an Ig Nobel was won by a group of neuroscientists who had put a dead salmon in a brain scanner and showed it some pictures. They demonstrated something that looked a lot like electrical activity in the fish’s brain—a gentle reminder to their fellow researchers to beware of false positives in the fashionable and tricky field of brain-imaging.

I could so totally come up with something like this. Like, how about I put my husband in that machine? A whole new category of false positives...

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  1. Do you happen to know if it was a salmon or tuna? I eat cruelty-free and I would not want to eat a fish that wasn't really dead - its btain too. Pauline