Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to fuck with a butterfly

So, yesterday, my oldest son asks me why butterflies migrate. Yo, bitch, he says. Why do butterflies migrate? Fuck if I know, I think, but you, know, I'm a mom, so I say, Why the fuck do you care? This way, he'll think I know everything.

Anyway. Now it's two a.m., so I figure I'll ask the interwebs. Turns out, it's cold that makes butterflies migrate north, at least for Monarch butterflies:

Just 24 days in a chilly lab incubator is enough to switch a butterfly’s flight orientation from south to north, researchers report online February 21 in Current Biology.

Before you get all excited, you should know that monarch butterflies migrate south before they migrate north. I guess they think winter is coming, or winter is done, based only on temperature, which makes them easy to fuck with if you have a cage and a big block of ice.

You ask me, I say the whole thing is INSANE. Frankly, if I were a butterfly, I'd just find a nice tropical island. But, whatever.

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