Monday, February 4, 2013

OMG! Facebook Likes Do Damage!

Every time I get a new like on Facebook, I feel like I'm that much closer to making it BIG, and then I knock back a few drinks to calm the fear that all this Facebook-liking-business is actually killing me. Check this out:

One hateful Facebook comment might reduce you to tears, but a recent study found that the “likes” prompted by your status updates and photo posts might also have a negative impact, especially on your waistline and pocketbook.

No way, right? This came straight from an article by Sarah Mitroff at Wired magazine, and those bitches know all about online stuff.

Evidently, people who are popular on Facebook are more likely to reach for a cookie than a granola bar. Who knew? Also:

Those with strong ties to their Facebook friends and who used the social network frequently had a higher BMI, were more likely to binge eat, and had several hundred dollars more in credit card debt than frequent users that barely know their Facebook friends and those that go on Facebook less often.

The price of fame? Don't ask me. Decide for yourself: Does Facebook Praise Kill Self-Control?

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  1. Does that mean if I quit Facebook I'll lose weight? annie