Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me and My Penis Cake Pan

For some reason, people keep giving me penis pans. In fact, I've gotten so many penis-shaped pans over the years that I've FLOODED the ebay market. Going rate for a cock-shaped cake these days? Well, last pan I sold made thirteen cents.

But then, yo! I come across this fab article on buzzfeed with eight different ways to use a penis pan!

8 Alternative Uses For A Penis Cake Pan
My favorite is "elephant with a frosted trunk" but "alligator with almond teeth" is pretty good, too. I know you may not have a penis-cake-pan problem, but file this away. Never know when you might need it!


  1. My niece sent me the link for alternative uses for penis pans. I bake cakes. I'm not sure if I should be disturbed or flattered. Maybe she's hoping I'll expand my cake repertoire?

    1. LOL. You know what they say: Use it or Lose it!