Monday, February 25, 2013

Are you insane? Good. I have a recipe for you.

So, today my oldest comes home from school all crazy about something he calls "pasta" because he's a San Francisco kid, and San Francisco kids don't say normal things like "spaghetti-os." Yo, bitch! he tells me, You've got to make pasta hot dog for us!

I have to say, after donuts, spaghetti-os and hotdogs are my two favorite dinners (or 'pasta' and 'lardoons', if you're insane, like my son, in which case you MUST keep reading). So, I go to the interwebs and find the recipe he's asked for so politely: Spaghetti And Sausage Together In Holy Deliciousness

Basically, there is no way in hell I'm ever going to make this, but I appreciate the picture-based step-by-step approach to documenting the process. Like I said, if you're insane, you should make it! And then serve it up on a baguette table.

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  1. Like I made this. A friend sent me the link a few days ago. And my kids just like devoured it. It was easy to eat to cuz the noodles all like stuck together. It is great. I didn't serve it on that table thing tho. Pauline