Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adorable Animal Photos? Can you say EVIL!

It's three a.m., and you know what I'm thinking? That's right. Thank God I don't have a job. If I had a job, I'd be on the office mailing list, and if I were on the mailing list, I'd get a shit-load of cute animal photos.

Me? I've always hated cute animal photos. Now I have PROOF that they are evil. Check it out:

Looking at cute animals photos at work may help increase productivity, but a new study finds that adorable images may also bring out aggressive behavior.

Evidently, some sick fucks over at Yale subjected 109 people to a series of cute animal photos. My head hurts just thinking about this. Here's what they found:

According to the results of the recent study, photos of cute animals tended to make participants feel a desire to squeeze that animal. Some participants even experienced a loss of control -- that is, a participant finds an animal is so cute that he or she "can't handle it."

I can't think about this anymore, bitches. Read the rest for yourselves: 'Cute Aggression' Study Links Adorable Animal Photos, Aggressive Behavior

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