Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pipefish, My Love

Move over Naked Mole Rat, my new favorite animal has just kicked your ass: the pipefish. I'm getting rid of the mole-rat cage and buying an aquarium. These fish deserve the very best, so I might even get one of those plastic aquarium plants.

You think the pipefish looks like a q-tip? Or maybe one of those little pickles that taste like mouthwash and I always throw away? Think again. The pipefish is crazy cool. The pipefish is every lady's dream. Want to know why?

I thought so.

The male pipefish carry the pregnancy. They shoot the little baby pipefish out of their male-pipefish-vaginas--or "brood pouches" as the scientist bitches call it. Brood pouch. What's not to love?

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