Monday, January 21, 2013

I potty

The sad truth is, some nights all three of my boys have "accidents." The baby, I admit, is kind of my fault (though they could make diapers more user-friendly. I, for one, would appreciate a security alarm that goes off if the thing's not properly fastened). The three-year-old says he's just copying his big brother, and the six-year-old says that he's simply doing "shooting practice," trying to piss on his brother's teddybear from across the room. The end result is the same: Urban Mommy has to wash the sheets again.

But now, for a mere $39.99, that all can be my past instead of my present. That's right, bitches: The iPotty toilet is here!

Toilet training a toddler is no picnic, but iPotty from CTA Digital seeks to make it a little easier by letting parents attach an iPad to it. This way, junior can gape and paw at the iPad while taking care of business in the old-fashioned part of the plastic potty. IPotty will go on sale in March, first on

March 1st? I don't know if I can wait that long...

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