Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bite Me and You DIE, Bed Bugs

Yo, New York! I hear you have bed bugs. I hear you wander the streets in FEAR of a creature smaller than a pubic hair. Me? I'd rather find a bed bug than a pube in my bed. And do you know why? That's right. I have science smarts, and science says all I have to do to destroy bedbugs is take deworming pills:

You take the pill and go to bed — perchance even to sleep, if you can sleep knowing how patiently bedbugs wait in your walls or mattress, sniffing for the sweet stream of your exhaled carbon dioxide and for your warm skin to grow still. You let them bite you. And then — in a few days — they die.

How cool is that? They bite you, you watch them DIE. There's even a fancy word for it: xenointoxication, which is Greek for “poisoning the guest.”

Read more here: Pill Could Join Arsenal Against Bedbugs, by Donald G. McNeil Jr

I'm off to order a case or two of deworming pills before they sell out.

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