Monday, January 28, 2013

Bacon toothpaste!

For years, I've been lying to my dentist and I have a mouth full of cheap dental-student fillings to show for it. If only they'd made bacon toothpaste when I was a child! And frosting, too, but whatever. I'd rather just use frosting than frosting-flavored stuff.

Get this:

It's very simple. The bacon toothpaste tastes like bacon, while the cupcake toothpaste tastes like frosting. It's almost like having breakfast or dessert while you clean your teeth from eating breakfast or dessert. Whoa! With that sort of crazy thought, Bacon and Cupcake Toothpastes might very well destroy the fabric of time and space. Or they might just and clean your teeth.

And all for only $4.99! See for yourself: Bacon and Cupcake Toothpastes


  1. Do you know if the bacon toothpaste bad for your cholesterol count? annie

  2. Not to worry annie. It also gives your hair a nice shine. Sam