Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zap Me In The BRAIN!

OMG, bitches. DO you have kids? Here's another MUST HAVE for X-mas: 

Brain-zapping Kinect game boosts mathematical skills

You can help your kids learn math AND get the pleasure of ZAPPING THEM IN THE BRAIN! I got so excited by the idea, I forgot all about picking my oldest up from school. oops!

Improving your mathematical skills could now be as easy as playing a Kinect video game in a hat. In preliminary tests of the system, developed by Roi Cohen Kadosh and colleagues from the University of Oxford, participants were better with numbers after just two days of training.

TWO DAYS! Imagine what could happen in two weeks! Two months! Two years! Okay. So maybe the brain zapper's not for sale yet. But I have FAITH in Santa. I'd like at least two.

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  1. Dear Urban Mommy, Can you tell me if this brain zapper works on adults too? I can not get my check book to balance. Thank you.