Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So, What's Growing in YOUR Bellybutton?

I don't know about you, but Mr. Urban Daddy? He's a belly button kind of guy. Sometimes I'm standing there, all puckered up, and he's so busy exploring my umbilical scars he doesn't even notice. Times like these--when he's so far away for so long--I think he only stays with me cuz my belly button is deep as a well. I used to stuff french fries into it.  I know. You're jealous.

Then I come across this story: Belly Button Bacteria: Biologists Seek Reason For Navel Flora Differences:

The idea was simple. We would culture the bacteria of people’s belly buttons to provide folks with a visual measure of the life on them, a reminder of the mysteries everywhere. Then we noticed something more serious... peoples’ belly buttons differed in terms of which species live in them. They differed more than we expected. We were intrigued and so we decided to get a little more serious about our study.

HOLY SHIT! There's a party going on right in front of me, and no one sent me an invitation. Check this out:

We were finding hundreds and then thousands of species, many of which appear new to science. They included strange species, such as one species found on my body that appears to prefer to break down pesticides. 

This is huge. I mean, who needs kids when EVERY ONE OF US is nurturing this kind of life?! I need more information. What should I feed my bacteria? Do they need daily baths? Do they like wine? Ah well. They must.

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  1. Try Scotch for a superior kind of belly button life - that's what I do.