Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yo! Halloween is Urban Mommy's favorite holiday, only it's not a holiday cuz the kids have to go to school, and they have to wear costumes to school, which means, I can't just slap something together for trick-or-treat and hope the night-time darkness conceals how LAME it is.

Last year? I dressed my boys up as the three little pigs. Easy, right? I taped wine corks to their noses and drew two little breathing holes with black sharpie. My oldest thought he should wear pink, but I was like, whatever. Pigs are filthy creatures, you look just fine as is.

Nice thing about living in an apartment building in SF is that you can collect a ton of candy without leaving home. Not so nice thing is that at least one out of four neighbors is bat shit crazy. So, for example, I had to tell my kids not to ring the crack addict's doorbell. And I was trying to steer them past the crack addict's neighbor as well, but the oldest had already rung the bell. I'd never met the crack addict's neighbor, but come easter, she hangs these 'photos' of Jesus on their door, not anything the day is really about, like eggs or bunnies.

Turned out she was pretty nice. She gave the boys home-made cookies and then said what great werewolf costumes they had, which made two of the three boys cry, thanks to being misidentified. My oldest didn't cry. Instead, he decided to tell the crack addict's neighbor about werewolves:

"People who believe in Jesus also believe that when the moon is full people turn into werewolfs and they are crazy," he said.

Where does he GET this shit? Fortch, the crack addict's neighbor is older and maybe a bit hard of hearing, cuz she just said, "Trick or treat, dears."

Haven't seen her since last year, but maybe we'll go down and ring her bell again tonight. That is, if I can figure out some costumes...

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